Our Story

The office activity was started in 1981 on the design and verification of boilers and pressure vessels, according to the Italian National Inspection Agency(which in those days was called ANCC, now ISPESL) and by others European Board, the American Institute ASME and the National Board. Subsequently, in the years after 1981, an increase in orders from important companies was reported, and this led to develop a specific software on one's own, qualified for pressure vessel calculation according to reference codes. In those years, infact, this kind of software didn't exist yet, or they were rares.

At the same time, rose the need of particular and detailed controls over parts with different load cases, where it wasn't possible to apply the normal expression of calculation. Since 1983 was adopted the finite elements analisys (FEA analysis) software, which gave the possibility to investigate the stresses and deformation in e.g. particular zones of the structure.

The technical evolution of these programs was very quick, showing always a great affidability, when based on correct inputs and phisical phenomena interpretations. The range of activity was quickly expanded also to other engineering fields, e.g. industrial veichles, human protesis, paper machines, food and textile machines etc. At present, the fem activity mechanical design is supported also by 3D modeling, so that it is possible to import exactly goemetries already existing.